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• 3/8/2017

Distance for pvp

Ok we all know that rucoy online is a pvped base game if u  wanna succeed in the game you are going to have to go through some forms of pvp. I was just curious in the future will they make it to where distance is also a good pvp skill because from information i have recieved in game, distance is considered a "bad skill"  for pvp. So i was thinking maby the fellow rucoy online players have some ideas in mind that they would like to post below, thanks for reading

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• 3/14/2017

I think that what really matters is the human being behind the character if you know what I mean.

I've heard that archers were better before but were nerfed sometime.

• 3/27/2018
is that most do PvP with the archer stopped, but the archer has to run so he has the armors that give speed, and attacks from far, PVP with stopped archer is an injustice and an absurd
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