General Information Edit

The Assassin Maze is home to the level 45 Assassin and also home to the level 50 Yellow Assassin. The Assassin Maze is located directly North of Town. In order to traverse the Maze successfully, you must follow the level 50 Yellow Assassin's. Once completed, you will find yourself at the beginning of the Graveyard which contain level 65 Zombie's.

NOTE: The Assassin Maze is the only way to get to monster's level 65 and greater, aside from the Secret Lizard Entrance.

Maps Edit

Assassin Maze Level 1
Assassin Maze Lv 1
Assassin Maze Level 2
Assassin Maze Lv 2
Assassin Maze Level 3
Assassin Maze Lv 3

Navigating the Maze Edit

The Assassin Maze is one of the areas in which the player character can explore in Rucoy Online.

Monsters Edit

There are Level 45 Assassin's and Level 50 Yellow Assassin's throughout the Assassin Maze, varying randomly within their respective spawn points.

Location Edit

Directly North of the Town and the clearing with Level 6 Crow's. Walking past this, one will approach an opening with dark green grass and hedge walls. This is known as the Assassin Maze.

Walkthrough Edit

Starting at the front of the Maze, go through the very first opening to the left of the player character. (The only path that will have the Level 50 Yellow Assassin's) The path will extend in a zigzag pattern until the path goes straight left and splits into two paths. The leftmost path will be a dead end, while the rightmost will continue North. Take the right path and continue down this path until you have hit the top left corner of the Maze, then take a right. You will then find yourself at the entrance to the second level of the Assassin Maze. Take the stairs.

Beginning from where you spawn on the second level, follow the path to the left which bends South. Follow this path all the way up until the path diverges into 3 different sections, all leading to the South. Take the middle path, then follow it until you are at the entrance to the third level. Take the stairs.

From the beginning of the third level there are two paths to take. One goes North and the other goes East. Follow the path that goes North. The path should diverge into two more paths, both of which continue to head North. Follow the rightmost path and head through the wall gap until the path diverges itself into 3 more paths. Again, take the rightmost path and follow it. You will eventually come to a set of stairs which will lead you to an area on the second level which was previously inaccessible in earlier parts of the game. This area will eventually lead you the the exit of the Assassin Maze and you will find yourself at the entrance to the Graveyard.