General Information Edit

There are three classes in Rucoy Online which include, the Knight the Archer and the Mage. Classes can be changed at any time.

Strengths and Weaknesses Edit

Knight Edit

The Knight's main advantage is that it is cost efficient compared to the other two Class types. Most players start out with the Knight Class at the beginning of their adventure because it can be the easiest way to level up at first and also obtain some beginner items which will lead into the use of other classes. The Knight Class wastes no Mana Potions, unless you use your special attack. Although, you will be required to use Health Potions along the way. Knight's also have a Shield which adds defense making it have the highest defense stats of all the classes.

Archer Edit

The Archer excels at training and has the benefit of using long-range attacks. This class will take down mobs extremely fast. The main downside to the Archer Class is that Arrows become expensive. You will be using a lot of arrows so be sure to stock up while in Town. New players will have a difficult time investing in their arrow stock but you are benefited by getting a free 1,000 from the start of Rucoy Online. You will run out, so be prepared.

Mage Edit

The Mage excels at PvP. Its main drawback is it lacks a chest piece/armor so it has the least amount of defense out of all of the classes. Another drawback is that it consumes Mana Potions extremely fast. Just like the Archer Class, it is a class that is very expensive for new players and you as the player will have to strategize when and where you will need to acquire more Potions.