Drow Mages are level 130 monsters that are located on the second level of Drow City. On the second level, you will also find the level 120 Drow Assassins, and the level 125 Drow Rangers, which can also be found on the first level of Drow City.

Map Edit

Drow City Level 2
Drow City Level 2

Drop Table Edit

Please note: This table is unfinished and is still being updated


Gold: (105 - 176)

Average: 144

Greater Health Potion
Greater Health Potion (1 - 2)
Greater Mana Potion
Greater Mana Potion (1 - 2)
Soul Pendant
Soul Pendant
Royal Priest Wand
Royal Priest Wand (Attack 30)
Drow Hat Drow Hat
Drow Robe Drow Robe
Steel Right Glove
Steel Glove Right
Steel Belt
Steel Belt
Blue Backpack
Blue Backpack