In Rucoy Online you have many equipment pieces to choose from. From weapons, armor and even accessories.

Icy Broadsword
Icy Bow
Icy Wand
Frozen Armor
Frozen Light Robe
Frozen Robe
Sword List Bow List Wand List Armor List Light Armor List Robes List
Icy Shield
Frozen Boots
Frozen Helmet
Frozen Hood
Frozen Hat
Frozen Legs
Shield List Boots List Helmet List Hoods List Hats List Legs List
Frozen Belt

Frozen Glove Right
Super Mana Potion-1
Frozen Backpack
Soul Pendant-0
Spiked Ring-1
Belts List Gloves List Potions List Backpack List Pendants List Rings List

Inventory HUD:

Sword Slot
Amulet Slot
Helmet Slot
Bag Slot
Shield Slot
Glove Right Slot
Chest Piece Slot
Glove Left Slot
Bow Slot
Ring Slot
Legs Slot
Belt Slot
Wand Slot
Boots Slot

Weapons Edit

Each Class has a specific weapon that uses the specified Class attribute.

Sword Edit

The Knight's weapon is the sword. It's range consists of one tile.


Bow Edit

The Ranger's weapon is the bow. It's a ranged weapon with a distance of four blocks.

Iron Bow

Wand Edit

The Sorcerer's weapon is the wand. It shares the same range with the bow at four blocks.

Priest Wand

Shield Edit

The Shield is a defensive attribute to Knight. It provides a defense bonus, helping the Knight to survive more attacks.

Iron Shield

Armor Edit

All armor increases your defense and every class will benefit from armor.

Helmet Edit

Good for keeping your head intact.

Steel Helmet

Chest Piece Edit

The highest defense rating equipment in the game of Rucoy Online.

Steel Armor

Gloves Edit

You can equip two of them, but they are hand specific. Both the right and left glove make the pair.

Steel Right Glove
Steel Left Glove

Legs Edit

Provides defense but remember to put them on one leg at a time.

Steel Legs

Boots Edit

Boots provide defense a bonus. There is no fast travel in Rucoy Online. Remember, spoil your feet and you won't regret it.

Steel Boots

Belt Edit

Great fashion accessory! Don't skimp on this!

Steel Belt

Accessories: Edit

Pendant Edit

Pendants currently increase Mana regeneration and Health regeneration.

Life Pendant

Ring Edit

Rings increase stats.

Life Ring

Bag/Backpack Edit

The Bag or Backpack is used to increase inventory size/slots.

Blue Bag
Blue Backpack