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General Information Edit

Rucoy Online is a game based on training your Base Level and increasing your Skills. When starting out, Rucoy can be extremely difficult. It takes time to understand the entire concept, but in time you will learn and appreciate it. You can choose to play as the Knight Class, Archer Class, Mage Class or play between all three.

Making a Rucoy Character/Additional Character's Edit

To make a character, simply download Rucoy Online from:

( and follow the instructions. Once created, you will be logged in to the game. The option to name your character will pop up during the start of Rucoy. After naming your character, you will be free to explore and begin your adventure on Rucoy Online.

Rucoy Online gives you the option to make multiple characters. To do so, click the OPTIONS MENU which is located on the top-right hand corner of your game display, next to your FRIEND'S LIST and looks like a gear. Once in the options, locate the ACCOUNT tab. In the ACCOUNT tab, click on the CHANGE CHARACTER button. This will start the setup for your new account.

NOTE: To make a new character, you must use a different E-Mail Address.

Wimsum:keep your character quantity in count, I didn't. :(

How to Play Edit

Base Level Edit

Rucoy Online allows the player to choose his/her own path. First off, your Base Level is the level that every player can see and will appear above the player's character, to the right of your name or in the OPTIONS MENU under the STATS tab. To increase your Base Level, you must get confirmed kills which give you a certain amount of experience based on the monster you are fighting. For example, if you kill a Level 1 Rat, you will gain 5 Experience that will be put towards your Base Level. Experience is only given when you completely kill an enemy.

NOTE: Rucoy Online has a special stat leveling system where instead of your Lv. (Base Level) determining your state, you actually raise stats by hitting with them.

Skills Edit

Your Skills can be found in the OPTIONS MENU under the STATS tab. Here, you will be able to find your Base Level and all your Skills. Skills include, Melee, Distance, Magic and Defense. To increase your Skills the most efficient way possible, you must obtain one of the three Training Weapons. Unlike your Base Level, increasing your Skill is done by the number of ticks you hit on a monster, not by killing them. For example, by not using one of the Training Weapons and using a regular weapon, you will deal more damage and kill a monster in less ticks therefore not increasing your Skill/Skills as fast as the Training Weapons allow. You will find that a Training Dagger is used for training your Melee Skill. The Training Bow is for training your Distance Skill and the Training Wand is for training your Magic Skill. You can find all three Training Weapons being sold for 1,000 Gold each at the Gear Merchant Vendor in Town.

NOTE: Defense increases each time you get hit by an enemy and through every Skill. Example: By using the Melee Skill, your Defense will increase every time you get hit. The same goes for the Distance Skill and Magic Skill.

NOTE: In order for your skills to increase, it is necessary for your character to deal at least 1 hit point of damage to the targeted monster every few seconds. Otherwise, the skill meter for both your attack and defense skills will not increase.

NOTE: There is a limit to how long you are able to train on a single monster. After the limit is reached, you will be notified in red text that: "This monster is exhausted, and no longer provides skill experience.". This is designed to encourage players to remain online while training their skills, requiring them to switch targets every once in a while.

NOTE: Your Experience, HP/Health-Points, Mana and Speed will be increased alongside your Base Level.

Where Should I Begin? Edit

After character creation, you will spawn into the world of Rucoy and find yourself at the Newbie Forest dock. From the dock, you will want to follow the path East passed the Level 1 Rat's. Once you see the Sewer stairs, you can either choose to explore and continue your training or you can continue East to come across the Town. The Town is the main capital of Rucoy Online. Here, you will find all the Vendors including, the Supplies Merchant, Gear Merchant and the Vault Merchant. Here you can buy and sell items that you obtain along the way. The Town is also where you can find many players. They might be there to re-supply, converse or even buy and sell items to other players via trading which you start by clicking on the player and looking through their store. To sell your own items, you can click on yourself and add items to your player-owned store. NA1, known as North America 1 is a server in which most players go to trade other players. From the Town you will want to follow the road West, the way you came to level up and be strong enough for the path East of Town (Unless you are strong enough already), which will lead you to the Field, Desert or the Goblin City. After you obtain a Base Level of at least 6 from the Newbie Forest or from Level 3 Grey Rat's in the Sewer you can now follow the path East of Town to the Field where you will come across Level 6 Crow's. Here, you will be able to train and eventually move on to the Desert which holds Level 12 Scorpion's, Level 13 Cobra's and Level 14 Worm's. The Goblin City will not be an option until around a Base Level of 15. Do not bother following the path North of Town until you have a Base Level of at least 45 or so because here you will find the Assassin Maze which is home to Level 45 Assassin's and Level 50 Yellow Assassin's. The Assassin Maze leads to the rest of the Rucoy Overworld and gives the player access to the Graveyard, Skeleton Dungeon, Vampire Dungeon, Drow City and much more. (WILL BE UPDATED SOON)

Death Edit

On Death, a player will lose a percentage of his/her Base Level EXP depending on their Base Level. Once the player dies, their character will re-spawn in the North-East building in Town.

How Do I Make Money in Rucoy Online? Edit

Gold Edit

Rucoy Online is a game where it can be hard to make money when starting out. Killing monsters throughout Rucoy will allow you to obtain Gold and a vast range of Items. To do so, you will want to Level up/Train on monsters that are around your Base Level and take all their drops. Equip armor and weapons that correspond to your Base Level and sell the rest to any of the Vendors in Town. Selling items out of your player-owned store is an option too. A great place for lower levels to make money is by killing Level 15 Goblins at the Goblin City or in the Goblin Dungeon and then sell all your drops. Over time, you will also want to equip the best Bag/Backpack that you can to increase your inventory space and allow you to carry more Items.

Diamonds Edit

Rucoy Online gives the player the option to purchase Diamonds with real world money or from other players in-game.A one-time purchase of Diamonds will grant you a blue name and will mark you as a Donator/Premium Member.

NOTE: You can check to see how much Gold or Diamonds you are carrying by clicking on the OPTIONS MENU and looking in the STATS tab. Under your Speed, you will find your Gold amount and/or your Diamond amount.

What Happens if I Run Out of Inventory Space? Edit

If you run out of inventory space, the player has the option to store their valuable Item's/Gold in their personal Vault through the Vault Merchant in Town. The Vault Merchant consists of three windows, the first being your Bank where you can Deposit or Withdraw your Gold, the second being your personal Vault where you can store/withdraw your valuable Item's and third, your Inventory window which is the same as your regular one except you will be able to deposit any valuable Item's from it to your personal Vault. Other than that, selling your Item's/drops to the Vendor's will be your best bet.

HUD/Head-down Display Edit

General HUD:
HUD Display-1
HP, MP and EXP Bar: Timers: PvP Interface: Chat Tab: Friend's List: Settings:
HP, Mana, EXP bar
Skull Timer
Disconnect Timer
PvP Interface
Chat Interface
Friend's List Interface
Setting's Interface


Special Attack
Melee Class


Mana Potions Slot
Distance Class


Health Potion Slot
Arrow HUD
Magic Class
Interface: HUD:
PvP Interface:
PvP Interface
Chat Interface:
Chat Interface
Chat Interface-0
Friend's List Interface:
Friend's List Interface
Friend's List Interface-0
Settings Interface:
Setting's Interface
Config Interface:
Config Interface
Credits Interface:
Credits Interface
Account Interface:
Account Interface
Servers Interface:
Server Interface
Stats Interface:
Stats Interface
Inventory Interface:
Inventory Interface
Customize Interface:
Customize Interface
Shop Interface:
Shop Interface

Servers Edit

North America Europe South America Asia
North America 1 (NA1) Europe 1 (EU1) South America 1 (SA1) Asia 1 (A1)
North America 2 (NA2) Europe 2 (EU2) South America 2 (SA2) Asia 2 (A2)
North America 3 (NA3) Europe 3 (EU3) South America 3 (SA3)
North America 4 (NA4) Europe 4 (EU4) South America 4 (SA4)
North America 5 (NA5) South America 5 (SA5)
South America 6 (SA6)

NOTE: You can switch servers by clicking on the OPTIONS MENU and choosing one of the 14 choices in the SERVERS tab.-This will instantly switch servers.

Character Customization Edit

Rucoy Online gives the player the option to customize their character armor and color. Every player starts out with the basic armor design but is still given the option to change the colors. To change your armor color, simply go into the OPTIONS MENU and click on the CUSTOMIZATION tab. Here, you will be able to pick your 4 primary armor colors. The only way to change your armor skin in Rucoy is, you must purchase Diamond's from the STORE tab in the OPTIONS MENU or from other players in-game to spend them on different set pieces. You have the choice to customize each class that you use. For example, the Melee Skill has actual armor skin opposed to the Distance Skill, which is archer skin clothing. The last being the Mage Skill in which you can choose from different robes/wizard skin styles.

Cost Melee Class Distance Class Mage Class
150 Diamond's Helmet Hat Hat
50 Diamond's Sword and Shield Bow and Quiver Wands

NOTE: Each Piece is sold separately for Diamond's.

Teams Edit

A Team is a group of players in Rucoy Online that are used to benefit each other through training or by helping during PvP. In order to start a Team, you will begin with inviting other players. To do so, simply click on the player that you want to invite and click the "Invite to team" option. This will initiate a Team invitation request.-You can also use the "Reject Invite" option if you decide not to join the Team.

NOTE: More Team Information here: Teams.

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