General Information Edit

The Lizard Dungeon is a High level Dungeon in which you can find the Lizard monsters. The player can reach the entrance to the first Level of the Dungeon by using the stairs to the East side of the Drow City Level one. On the first Level of the Lizard Dungeon you will find Level 150 Lizard Warriors and Level 160 Lizard Archers. Once you've reached the second Level of the Lizard Dungeon, you will find Level 150 Lizard Warriors, Level 160 Lizard Archers and Level 170 Lizard Shamans. The third and final level of the Dungeon is where you will find the Level 180 Lizard Captains and Level 190 Lizard High Shamans.

(NOTE: The only other way to reach the Lizard Dungeon is by taking the Secret Lizard Entrance which can be found on the far North-East corner of the Desert. The entrance is hidden by a pile of bones that the player will have to click on to enter.)