General Information Edit

Lizard Warrior's can be located on the first and second level of the Lizard Dungeon. On the first level of the Dungeon they are accompanied by Level 160 Lizard Archer's. You can also find the Lizard Warrior's on the second level of the Dungeon accompanied by the Level 160 Lizard Archer's and also the Level 170 Lizard Shaman's.


Drop Table Edit

Gold: (? - ?)

Average: ?

Super Health Potion
Super Health Potion (1)
Super Mana Potion
Super Mana Potion (1)
Lizard Slayer-0
Lizard Slayer
Lizard Glove Right
Lizard Glove Right
Lizard Glove Left
Lizard Glove Left
Lizard Boots
Lizard Boots