Boss múmia

General Information Edit

Mummies are level 25 monsters found in all three levels of the Desert Tomb, subjects of a kingdom lost to the sands of time. Mummies populate the entire first level of the Desert Tomb.

Drop Table: Edit

Gold: (15 - 30)

Average: 23

Health Potion-2
Health Potion (1)
Mana Potion-0
Mana Potion (1)
Short Sword
Short Sword
Studded Bow-0
Studded Bow
Studded Glove Right-0
Studded Glove Right
Studded Glove Left-0
Studded Glove Left
Studded Helmet-0
Studded Helmet
Studded Shield-0
Studded Shield
Studded Belt-0
Studded Belt
Silver Bag-0
Silver Bag

Maps Edit

Desert Tomb Level 1
Desert Tomb Level 1
Desert Tomb Level 2 COMING SOON!!
Desert Tomb Level 3
Desert Tomb Level 3