General Information Edit

PvP, also known as Player vs. Player is a game style that can be turned on once you've reached the Graveyard. You can get to the PvP area by traversing the Assassin Maze. (You can find a guide through the maze by clicking on the link)


How to begin: Edit

To start PvP the player must first make their way to the Graveyard. Once here, you will notice that you have a new button on your display to the left of your Chat button that looks like two swords crossing similar to a skull and crossbones. Click this and the following will appear: "Do you want to attack other players?" You then have three options to choose from: "Yes," "Cursed" or "No." If you click the "Yes" option, you will be free to attack any player that you choose. Hitting another player gives you a White Skull. By choosing the option, "Cursed," this allows you to attack only players that have a skull. Clicking the "No" option will simply close the HUD.

NOTE: You must have Gold equal to (150x your Base Level) in order to PvP. This gives the other opponent the option to win your Gold if they kill you. The same goes for them.

Timers: Edit

Skull Timer
Skull Timer

(This shows how long

until your skull will disappear)

Disconnect Timer
Disconnect Timer

(This shows how long before you can disconnect)

Bounties: Edit


Skull Colors: Edit

Color Killcount
White Skull-0
0 (Hitting an Opponent)
Gold Skull-0
Orange Skull
Red Skull
Black Skull
Green Skull-0
(This skull is given to

the player when he/she

attacks another skull first)

-Example: If you hit a Black

Skull, you will be seen as

a Green Skull to that player.-

Strategies/Combo's: Edit

The strategy you use is based solely on the player. One of the main combo's you can perform is by striking the opponent and preparing to heal right afterwards. The best combo's will come from trying to be as fast as possible and getting both your basic attack and healing done as close to one another as possible which therefore will save you in the long run. This works for every class. Experimenting to find the best strategy will be on you as the player.

Teams: Edit

Team is a group of players in Rucoy Online that are used to benefit each other through training or by helping during PvP. In order to start a Team, you will begin with inviting other players. To do so, simply click on the player that you want to invite and click the "Invite to team" option. This will initiate a Team invitation request.-You can also use the "Reject Invite" option if you decide not to join the Team.

(NOTE: Click here for: Teams)

PvP Rules and Changes: Edit

  • Speed and skill debuffs for cursed players were removed.
  • The curse timer no longer decreases in non PvP areas.
  • The curse timer has been reduced from 20 minutes to 15 minutes (per innocent player kill)
  • Damaging an innocent player in the 10 seconds before he/she dies counts as a player kill. So if a group of players damage and kill one innocent player they all get their curse increased. If a player damages an innocent player and a monster immediately kills that player it counts as a player kill and not as a monster kill.
  • The no disconnect timer for killing an innocent player has been increased from 10 minutes to 15 minutes.
  • When a player gets a black skull a bounty will be announced on the server chat.
  • If an innocent player attacks a cursed player first, the cursed player can kill the innocent player without getting penalized for it, this innocent player will appear with a green skull and can be attacked safely with the PvP Only Cursed mode (yellow swords), the green skull will disappear once the no disconnect timer of the innocent player becomes zero.
  1. If you attack or kill an innocent player a part of your gold will become cursed meaning you can’t use this gold while you remain cursed, cursed gold will appear in red in your stats screen, how much gold will be cursed depends on the following formulas:
  2. If you attack or kill 1 innocent player your cursed gold will be: your level * 150
  3. If you kill 2 innocent players your cursed gold will be: your level * 450 + your level * 150
  4. If you kill 3 or more innocent players your cursed gold will be: (#kills - 2) * your level * 1350 + your level *450 + your level * 150
  5. If you attack an innocent player and you don’t have enough gold (according to the formulas previously mentioned) an error message will appear notifying you that you are unable to kill innocent players until you get enough gold.
  • All players killed by other players now drop gold according to the following formulas:
  1. If you are innocent, have a green or white skull you will drop: your level * 50 gold.
  2. If you have a yellow skull you will drop: your level * 150 gold.
  3. If you have a red skull you will drop: your level * 450 gold.
  4. If you have a black skull you will drop: your level * 1350 gold.

Other stuff worth mentioning:

  • Teleport scrolls won’t work if the no disconnect timer is active.
  • If you don’t plan to kill innocent players and don’t want to lose your gold you can safely store it in the vault (bottom right building in the town)
  • From this point forward all player kills will be registered in the database and become visible for players in the official website (once we have it)
  • You can no longer open player stores while in PvP mode (yellow or red swords)
  • Items dropped by players will now disappear after 2.5 minutes (if not picked up).

-We will be observing PvP 2.0 during the first days of the update and make changes as needed.

PvP Arena + New Updates and More! Edit

PvP Arena Is a new place located north of zombies that lets you fight other players without suffering any penalties, here is how it works: The arena has two bases red and blue, left and right side respectively, outside of each base is a waiting area with an NPC, two players one on each waiting area have to tell the NPC they are ready for battle, once this happens the match will begin, all players on the left waiting area will become a team and be teleported to the red base, the same will happen to the players on the right waiting area, the team that first eliminates all the members of the other team wins.

Things to note:
* There is a time limit for each match that depends on the number of players participating
* The time limit will be shown with your no disconnection timer
* You can’t logout or change servers inside the arena
* If your health drops to 1 point you will be teleported outside the arena
* Once a team wins the match or the time runs out all remaining participants will be teleported outside the arena
* You can’t join a match in progress
* You can’t leave your team inside the arena
* There isn’t a ‘Swords Icon’ inside the arena, all players not in your team will be damaged by your attacks
* There are no restrictions for the number of participants and/or their levels, we will let the players organize their own matches
* Right now the arena is only for friendly matches, we do plan to add a bet system in the future

New area
* Added new ice area located to the east of dragons
* Added 3 new ice monsters recommended for levels 350+
* Added new ‘Frozen Set’

New Items
* Added 49 new items
* 21 of those items belong to the ‘Frozen Set’
* The other 28 items are archer light armors, archer hoods, mage robes and mage hats which give you extra distance, speed and/or magic in exchange of armor defense, these items range from level 1 to level 275
* The sell price of several items sold to the merchant have been decreased

* Added 3 new weapon outfits, one for each class
* The price of old weapon outfits has been increased from 50 diamonds to 100 diamonds

* Boss announcements now occur 10 minutes before spawn
* Bosses can now spawn in one of multiple locations (randomly selected) but still inside the same dungeon
* The health of all bosses has been tripled
* Added ‘Slime Lord’ boss (yes, it drops ‘Swift Boots’), it spawns (unannounced) in one of multiple locations across the entire map, is a lucky event that can happen to any player

Class balancing
* Archer’s special attack now consumes mana even when no target is hit
* Archer’s special attack damage has been increased to match the knight’s special attack damage
* Mage’s special attack damage has been decreased 5% (still the most powerful attack)

PvP changes
* An exploit that let white skulled players kill innocent players without carrying gold has been fixed
* Green skulled players can now see their own skull
* Green skulled players can no longer return to safe zones
* The formula for bounties has changed as follows: level * 50 * (3 ^ [# of innocent kills]), so if you are innocent and get killed by another player you will drop your level * 50 gold, if you killed 1 innocent player you will drop you level * 150 gold, 2 innocent players and you will drop your level * 450 gold, ...., etc.

Other changes
* Water and other small map objects no longer block projectiles and monster field of view
* Doing a special attack while following a player will now make you stop following said player
* Players can now change name to one of their former names
* The cost of changing name has been increased to 700 diamonds

PvP Wars: Edit

A PvP War is something that occurs when two Guilds or Teams get together for an all-out battle.

This is what a PvP War looks like:

PvP War:
War 1
War 2
War 3
War 4
War 5

(Acknowledgements: Don Lorenzo and Kitkatz)



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