General Information Edit

A Team is a group of players in Rucoy Online that are used to benefit each other through training or by helping during PvP. In order to start a Team, you will begin with inviting other players. Pixza do so, simply click on the player that you want to invite and click the "Invite to team" option. This will initiate a Team invitation request.-You can also use the "Reject Invite" option if you decide not to join the Team.

Team Changes Edit

Your character will be surrounded with either a yellow or blue box depending on whether you are the leader (yellow) or a Team member (blue). The Team leader is the only player that can invite other players to join the Team. You will also be given the opportunity to use the Team chat system. You can find this by clicking on the CHAT TAB and then going to the third option to the right where you will find the Team chat. When in the Team chat, only Team members will be allowed to see and talk in it. The Team chat will appear blue.

When you or another Team member kills a monster, all of the players will be rewarded with experience points depending on whether or not you are in the same area as the Team member that get the kill/kills.

Team strategies Edit

Forming a Team with other players can benefit you a lot as a player whether it be to gain experience, go PvP'ing or even just to get to know people.

NOTE: Many experienced players will Team up with lower leveled players to help them gain experience quickly by going to more advanced parts of Rucoy Online. (Assassin's +)

It is best to team up with people who you can get in A call with e.g. irl friends.