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The Town is an Overworld location. The Town currently consists of four buildings; a shop to the North-West where the Supplies Merchant can be found and a house to the North-East where players Re-spawn after death. The North-Eastern most building, to the East of the Re-spawn is where you will find the Jail. The South-West building is where you will find the Gear Merchant and the South-East building is where you will find the Vault Merchant. East of the Town is a small Field where Level 15 Crow's can be found.

NOTE: The Town can get pretty crowded when a lot of people are on a server.

Directions Edit

To the North is the Assassin Maze.

To the West is the Newbie Forest.

To the East is the Field and Desert. (The Desert contains the Desert Tomb)

The South is blocked off by a border. It may lead to new areas in later updates.

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Town Map

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