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Training Weapons are used for increasing your Skill/Skills. Training is done by the number of ticks you hit on a monster, not by killing them. For example, by not using one of the Training Weapons and using a regular weapon, you will deal more damage and kill a monster in fewer ticks therefore not increasing your Skill/Skills as efficiently as the Training Weapons. The idea behind Training Weapons is to deal less damage, meaning more ticks per monster, thus maximizing stats gains and minimizing a player's base level gain. Utilizing this concept allows players to maintain high stat levels and remain a lower overall player level.

Special: The training weapons have the added benefit of not allowing other players to damage or kill your target while you are using the training weapon. Other players who attempt to attack your target while you have a training weapon equipped will get a red message on their screen telling them the enemy is being used for training. This effect applies to monsters when you've intiated the combat, have maintained said combat, and the monster has not received damage from any other player before initiating combat. It should also be noted that neither "Elites" (monsters with yellow names and larger Sprite icons) nor "Bosses" can have this effect applied to them. Other players can freely attack these monsters regardless if you've initiated combat against them using training weapons.

Exhaustion: It should also be pointed out that it's possible to "Exhaust" a monster (or group of monsters) after smacking them with training weapons for awhile. When this happens you'll see a message appear in red across your screen after every tick that you continue to hit the monster. During this time, you will no longer gain anymore experience from that particular monster. There's really no way to avoid this from happening, it's inevitable and will occur quite frequently upon monsters that aren't as prevelent throughout the map. Additionally, switching servers will NOT remove this effect, as it transfers over. The "Exhaust" timer is approximately 20 minutes.

Infobox_item|title = Training Dagger, Training Wand and the Training Bow|type = Weapon|effects = Attacks Monster (Deals 5 damage); Locks monster against attack by other players|buy = 1,000 gold|sell = 250|source = Bought from the Gear Merchant in Town.}}

What is a Training DaggerEdit

Training Dagger is one of the three Training weapons. The Training Dagger is the training weapon for the Melee Skill.

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How do I get a Training DaggerEdit

The player can buy a Training Dagger from the Gear Merchant for 1,000 gold.

What is a Training Wand? Edit

A Training Wand is one of the three Training weapons. The Training Wand is the Training Weapon for the Magic Skill.

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How do I get a Training Wand? Edit

The player can buy a Training Wand from the Gear Merchant for 1,000 gold.

What is a Training Bow? Edit

A Training Bow is one of the three Training Weapons. The Training Bow is the Training Weapon for the Distance Class.

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How do I get a Training Bow? Edit

The player can buy a Training Bow from the Gear Merchant for 1,000 gold.