General Information Edit

Vampires are Level 100 monsters that can be found populating the entire first level of the Vampire Dungeon and can be found on the second level of the dungeon where you will also encounter Level 110 Red Vampires. At low health, Vampires will flee if you are at a certain closeness to them.

Maps Edit

Vampire Dungeon Level 1
Vampire Lair Level 1
Vampire Dungeon Level 2
Vampire Lair Level 2

Drop Table Edit

Please note: This table is unfinished and is still being updated



Gold: (60 - 139)

Average: 96

Greater Mana Potion-1
Greater Mana Potion (1)
Greater Health Potion-0
Greater Health Potion (1)
Life Pendant-0
Life Pendant (rare)
Soldier Glove Left-0
Soldier glove left
Soldier Belt-0
Soldier Belt Soldier boots